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Generate a positive impact on the communities and ecosystems in which we live

Image by Dylan Gillis


La dolfina polo experience-87.jpg

In the heart of Cañuelas, in the fields of more than 600 hectares of Adolfo Cambiaso, La Dolfina Polo Ranch arises, a neighborhood of more than 600 lots and equestrian ranchs where Polo, Jumping and horses are lived in every day life all year around. With a Polo Club, a Jumping Club, Polo Court, Equestrian Trails, Lagoons, Club House, Boutique Hotel, Commercial Area (local and equestrian), with access via Route 205 and 2 km from the highway, all by asphalt. Less than an hour from the capital and less than half an hour from Ezieza airport.

pinares color copy_edited.jpg

Arriving at Capilla del Señor, less than 1 hour from Buenos Aires and less than 15 minutes from the Pilar Center.

Formed on a field of 252 hectares. Framed by a lush natural landscape, crossed by a stream.

More than 700 Lots from 1500 m2 to 3300 m2 of surface and luxury apartments on a lagoon.

Stage 1 completed and delivered with electricity, water system, buried sewer, optic fiber and asphalt.

Club House, 18-hole golf course, sports area with soccer fields, changing rooms,  tennis, swimming pool and roofed grills, among others.

Everything managed from the Simple Solutions app


More than 200ha with hills and streams and two large 36ha lakes. With a complete sports area, school and a large natural and ecological reserve on the extensive coast of the Luján River.

More than 600 lots between 700 and 1,500 square meters, 22 multi-family homes and 24 luxury townhouses.

Just 10 minutes from the Village of Pilar by asphalt. - B_SSTrGI0VW - copia.jpg
Presentacion Pacheco1.jpg

Jacaranda Escobar

On Route 26, a new gastronomic and cultural pole opens the way to a commercial area with terraced apartments, like high-rise houses, with a market at its feet. The new Escobar is a quiet but present area just a few minutes from the highway.


ikal_pinot noir-CMYK violeta 2.jpg

At the foot of the mountain range, at an altitude of 1,150 meters, in the Uco Valley, Mendoza, a vineyard is born as premium as art and science can give us. It is the seed of a new town, a new concept of hospitality and commercial life. Much more than a winery or a hotel, Ikal 1150 is the luxury destination for all hours of the day or night that was missing from one of the most exclusive wine regions in the world.

Panoramica 2.jpg
Presentacion Pacheco1tiff.jpg

Jacaranda Vicente Lopez

Building of  Apartments and Offices to  steps from the Munro train station, in the heart of the new avant-garde of Vicente Lopez.  Perfectly connected for daily commutation in a quiet area incipient of shops and gastronomy. A unique investment opportunity.



Tiger Jacaranda

Redefining what people expect from Pacheco, next to a park and two blocks from the highway, a new urban residential and commercial center emerges. A modern and avant-garde proposal both in terms of lifestyle and investment opportunity, in harmony with the environment and the surrounding community.

Presentacion Pacheco.jpg

In Mexico City, in the most beautiful neighborhoods, you will find the most exclusive Italian ice cream factory and franchise and cafeteria adapted to the Mexican palate.



Esencia, Riviera Maya, MX
Ikal del mar, Riviera Maya, MX
Ikal Living, Playa del Carmen, MX
Hamak Hotels
Matienzo 2532, Buenos Aires


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