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About Us

Building Value 

Business Development is about finding long term value in each opportunity. We thrive on the challenges that new projects bring, as well as established products or distress companies. All complex situations in need of a scientific and fresh approach.

With over 30 years of international experience in the market of Business Development, our team is diverse in age, gender and profession, and each project has its working group, tailored to the task.


We are agile, creative and innovative but also experienced and professionals. However, facts are stronger than words, and we let our work to do the talking.

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Real Estate 

Land Acquisition -  Business Plan 

 Finance - Design - Building Development - Commercialisation


Project building, feasibility and analysis - Design - Building 

 Partnerships - Marketing - Operation and Commercialisation

Business Development & Consulting

Analysis -  B.I. - Innovation - Strategy 

 Marketing - Finance - Partnerships

 Implementation - Operation - Private an Public Policy - M&As